Best Punjabi Restaurant in London

If you’re looking for a good Punjabi restaurant in London, you’ve come to the right place. Punjabi cuisine is one of the most popular types of Indian food and can be found in many locations in the city. The best place to find this type of food in London is in Southall.


Gymkhana is a Mayfair restaurant inspired by Colonial Indian gymkhana clubs. Signature dishes include wild muntjac biryani and lamb shank korma. A seven-course tasting menu is also available. Other dishes include Kasoori Chicken tikka and Shrina chutney. The restaurant serves a selection of desserts, including Saffron Pistachio kulfi falooda.

Located in the City’s historic Brigadiers district, Gymkhana is popular with locals and tourists alike. The food is fresh and well-executed. Dishes such as pakoras – fried potatoes and onion – are popular. Other dishes include vegetable biryani, packed with peas, asparagus, and Jerusalem artichokes. There are also a variety of cocktails.

Gymkhana is owned by JKS Restaurants, which also operates Brigadiers and Trishna. Chet Sharma, the head chef, was recruited to run BiBi after abandoning his PhD studies at Oxford to devote himself to the kitchen. Guests can expect a balanced, hearty menu with monk-like service and beautiful ambiance.


Quilon is a Michelin-starred restaurant which specialises in South-West Indian cuisine. The restaurant has a vast menu that is ideal for sharing with friends. The specialities include Malabar lamb biryani, which is cooked in a sealed pot with traditional spices. It is bursting with flavour and juices.

This award-winning Punjabi restaurant has been open for more than 40 years. While its menu is predominantly Punjabi, there are also influences of Kenyan cuisine. The restaurant serves traditional Punjabi dishes and also offers a range of healthy dishes. It also offers cookery classes for north Indian food.

The restaurant has two separate dining rooms and a cosy terrace. You can choose between a large or small table. The restaurant is located in Southall. The décor is reminiscent of a Punjabi village. Large murals depicting truck drivers and a life-size Sikh Papaji in pink kurta add to the ambience of the space.

The food at Quilon is authentic and delicious, and is perfect for Indian food lovers. Its menu features a mix of traditional and contemporary Punjabi dishes and a cosy booth area. The chef explains the preparation of each dish, and there is a detailed menu to guide you through your meal.

Quilon has been the best Punjabi restaurant in London for over 40 years, and offers excellent service to all its customers. It serves an extensive menu, including spicy lamb biryani and mild chicken tikka masala. You’ll feel at home in this restaurant with the ambience and service. Madhu’s is another fine Punjabi restaurant in London. It offers authentic Punjabi fine dining, and is located near Piccadilly Circus.

Mumbai Junction

A little over a year ago, a little Punjabi canteen opened in Boxpark Wembley. It’s run by Rohit Ghai, who previously owned Kutir in Chelsea. The menu features traditional Punjabi dishes that have been updated with Kenyan influences. There are healthy options, too, so vegetarians don’t have to skip their favourites. The kitchen team also runs cookery classes in North Indian cuisine.

The decor of the restaurant is authentic, with a rustic look reminiscent of Punjabi village life. There’s a life-size Sikh Papaji in a pink kurta and mismatched mirror-work chairs. The ambiance is warm and inviting, and the food is delicious.

Amaya opened in 2004 and has since received a Michelin star. Its upmarket Indian cuisine features little-known repertoires of grilled Indian ingredients. The open kitchen allows diners to watch the preparation of dishes. The menu changes seasonally, with highlights including duck tikka glazed with spice plum and slow-cooked lamb in a tandoor oven. Another highlight is the Punjabi channa chaat in tart form.

Mumbai Junction is another great place to dine if you want to experience the authentic Punjabi cuisine. Located on the Watford Road, near South Kenton station, it’s a great choice for family meals and has a sports lounge. The restaurant has a capacity of over two hundred people and is very popular. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time, as it gets busy!

Aside from Punjabi food, there’s a large range of other Indian dishes. It’s worth a visit for a taste of the different cuisines, as you’ll learn about the regional differences in the preparations of these dishes. The menus here are unique and will make you fall in love with Indian food in London.

Shree Krishna Vada Pav

If you are in the mood for a delicious and authentic Punjabi meal, head to Shree Krishna Vada Pav in South London. Specialising in Maharashtrian cuisine, this restaurant serves a variety of dishes, including a range of Punjabi snacks and sandwiches and wraps. The food is made using fresh, quality ingredients, and the service is impeccable.

This family-run Punjabi restaurant has three branches in London. Its first location, on Harrow’s Pinner Road, is still its flagship restaurant. The restaurant brings the flavors and aromas of the Mumbai street food market to London. The menu has an eclectic selection, featuring dishes like pani puri, tikka, samosas, and kebabs. The atmosphere is calm, and the service is fast and friendly. The decor is spectacular, too. It also has an excellent Google rating of 4.3.

The business started out as a two-man operation, and a few years later it had grown to 35 employees, with an annual turnover of nearly four crore pounds. While there were some difficult times, Shree Krishna Vada Pav never stopped dreaming and soon started growing to meet expectations.

The SKVP team is working to expand its presence across the UK and is even branching out into catering. The restaurant is renowned for its great value for money and has begun stocking its own spices. It is also a great place to host large parties, and is known to cater for up to twenty people.

Shree Krishna Vada Pav is one of the best Punjabi restaurants in London. The restaurant is a family-run establishment with an award-winning menu. The menu combines the flavours of Punjab with dishes from other parts of India. It also offers healthy options as well. The restaurant is also known for its cookery classes, which are conducted by Dipna Anand.

For delicious Punjabi food, head to Shree Krishna Vada Pav in Hounslow. They offer a range of delicious curries. Some dishes are spicy, such as kacchi dabelis and misal pav. You can also try their famous cutting chaai.

In the world of restaurants, unique is relative. A restaurant can be both quirky and sophisticated, depending on the setting. For example, Warriors Restaurant has ninja waiters who deliver your order with nunchuck tricks. In contrast, the Medical Themed Restaurant requires you to enter through a morgue, sit in a wheelchair on an operating table, and sift through a surgical instruments drawer for cutlery. Another restaurant in an unusual location is Forbes Island, a floating island in Sea Lion Harbor, which serves elegant American cuisine. It even has an underwater bar.

Zingara Cucina

If you’re looking for an incredible dining experience in Melbourne, you need to try Zingara Cucina. It’s an absolutely stunning restaurant that only operates in the summer months. The menu changes weekly and focuses on a shared experience. The service is impeccable and the food is amazing.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

The glitz and glamour of Ellen’s Stardust Diner is what makes it so appealing to many visitors. In fact, many pay money to experience this unique restaurant. However, it has a dark side, too. Recently, protesters stopped the show. They replaced the magic of singers with background music, but the situation did not last long.

You might have heard of this restaurant by now, but what makes it so unique? It has been featured in many movies, including ‘New Year’s Eve’ starring Sarah Jessica Parker. However, if you live in New York, you probably already know that movie New York usually bears little resemblance to real life. You’ll never know what kind of experience you are missing if you don’t visit Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner opened in 1987 in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. The owner, Ken Sturm, is a successful real estate investor. The restaurant is also located near the Times Square area. The price of the restaurant depends on how popular the area is. The more tourists a city has, the higher its prices.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is also known for its singing waitstaff. Since 1987, the restaurant has become a hit with locals. The waiters are professional actors who earn their living between Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. The waiters perform all kinds of songs. If you’re a fan of Broadway shows, you’ll love the atmosphere at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a fun place for people to visit if they’re in Manhattan. During the day, people can listen to live Broadway music or sing along while they enjoy a delicious burger. The music at the restaurant is so loud that you can’t help but smile.

Tokyo Record Bar

If you want a truly unique dining experience, head to Tokyo Record Bar in Greenwich Village. This Japanese record bar features an underground listening room that’s devoted to quality music and food. Its name comes from the Japanese homage to the jewel boxes of vinyl. Its small, quaint space offers a relaxed and intimate dining experience.

The restaurant is reminiscent of the mid-century-modern style of the mid-century record stores found in Japan. Instead of the usual minimal server-customer interaction, you can interact with staff by singing along to songs and discussing new dishes and cocktails. Because the staff is as eager to serve you as you are to have a good time, you’ll feel as if you’re a part of the experience.

If you’re a fan of jazz, Tokyo Record Bar is for you. It’s situated on the second floor of an otherwise unassuming building. Inside, you’ll find a record collection of over 10,000 titles. The owner, Kazuhiro Kobayashi, decided to give up his job as a salaryman to open his own jazz bar.

The subway in Tokyo is chaotic. In the peak of rush hours, thousands of people are jammed into the subway cars. There are also snaking lines of people trying to squeeze into every available space. During this time, the train can be overcrowded, so make sure you take a ride-share if you have luggage.

Casa Bonita

The 85-foot tower at Casa Bonita is covered in 22-karat gold and is topped with a statue of Cuauhtemoc. It was given landmark status in 2015. The restaurant’s interior is also notable for its incredibly unique design. It features an indoor waterfall and a multi-tiered dining area. This Denver restaurant has been featured in a number of publications, including the Denver Post.

The ambiance of Casa Bonita is reminiscent of a Mexican plaza. The decor is whimsical and reminiscent of a tropical paradise. The wait staff carry trays that are decorated with flags. The interior is brightly decorated, and the food is delicious and well-priced. The restaurant has even been featured in a South Park episode.

The water feature at Casa Bonita is a stunning focal point of the restaurant. It is a unique attraction that will impress even the most seasoned diner. Aside from the awe-inspiring design of the interior, visitors can also try their hand at cliff diving. This unique restaurant has a multi-level dining room that is filled with different facades, each with its own style of Mexican architecture.

Although the restaurant has recently fallen on hard times, the two owners have found a way to keep the business going. The couple who created the popular “South Park” animated series purchased the restaurant for $3.1 million. The new owners plan to reopen the restaurant by the second half of 2022. Besides the menu, Casa Bonita features regular puppet shows and a 30-foot-high waterfall. The restaurant has 1,000 seats and a gift shop.

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, Casa Bonita has been around since 1974. Many Coloradans consider it an institution that defines Colorado. The founder of the chain, Bill Waugh, pioneered all-you-can-eat chicken and beef plates. The restaurant also serves sopapillas, which are small pieces of fried bread served with honey.

Rattlesnake Saloon

The Rattlesnake Saloon sits on a 3,000-acre property and is named for the famous rattlesnake that once made its home in the area. To this day, the building’s power and water supply come from a hole that was once used to feed pigs. The restaurant’s name is apt, as the saloon’s owners killed 13 rattlesnakes while building the restaurant.

The Rattlesnake Saloon was originally a farm and pig sty. The owner drilled a hole through a rock in order to drop feed for the pigs. The unique atmosphere and natural setting of this restaurant are sure to appeal to anyone.

The Rattlesnake Saloon, which is located inside a cave near Tuscumbia, Alabama, has been named the most unique restaurant in the United States. The Duke Burger is a must-try if you visit the area. It is included on a list of the 100 dishes you must eat before you die in Alabama. The restaurant has been visited by people from all 50 states and more than thirty countries.

The Rattlesnake Saloon has been featured in several magazines, tv shows, and music videos. It is now one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors to the restaurant can sign a guest book in all 50 states, as well as more than 30 countries.

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