Is the University of Essex Right For Marketing?

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If you’re thinking of studying marketing, the University of Essex offers a BSc in Marketing (BCOM) degree programme. This course focuses on undergraduate employability. It offers placement year support, careers advice, and career fairs. You’ll also find out about job opportunities and start-up support.

BSc Marketing

BSc Marketing at the University of Essex offers a practical, business-focused approach to marketing. The course introduces students to key business concepts and practices, including economics, finance and management. It also provides a socio-cultural perspective on markets and customers. It aims to develop critical thinking and communication skills. Students will also study people management, branding, and strategic marketing.

The University of Essex’s BSc Marketing course is designed to prepare students for the working world as soon as they graduate. It includes a placement year and optional study abroad. A placement year is also available for BSc Marketing students. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the extensive employment opportunities and professional development opportunities offered by the University.

Placement year

The placement year at the University of Essex is an opportunity for undergraduates to gain hands-on work experience in their chosen field. This year, over 180 undergraduate students will take part. Students will gain experience in a variety of sectors, including law, engineering, and marine conservation. Some students are working in the NHS, while others have secured roles in the private sector.

Study abroad

The University of Essex offers students the opportunity to study, work, volunteer, or intern abroad. Through their student mobility office, the University supports students who wish to pursue their studies abroad. For those who have already chosen to study abroad, the student mobility office also assists students who want to take part in extracurricular activities abroad.

To participate in the University of Essex study abroad program, you must be a junior or senior student with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Students must be at least 18 years of age and must be able to complete the application form. The University of Essex is located in Colchester, England.

This small British university has received national and international recognition for its academics. The university has a diverse student body, with approximately 40% of students from outside the UK. It is conveniently located near the capital city, London, without the high tuition costs. The university also has over a dozen student clubs and over 50 volunteering opportunities to help students get involved with the local community.

Students attending Pitzer College must complete the application process in order to participate in the University of Essex program. Students must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. However, sophomores may be eligible to participate in the program if there is space available. To apply for the Essex program, students must first apply to Pitzer’s Office of Study Abroad and International Programs.

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Students will enroll in 60 credits at the University of Essex. These credits are equivalent to 3, 4, and 5 HPU credits. Students are encouraged to plan their timetable around the 60 credits required for each term. They should also plan their schedule so that they have a backup plan in case a particular module is not available during their stay.

Study abroad is a great way to broaden your horizons and increase your cultural awareness. You will gain a different perspective on the world and experience a new educational system. You can find over 150 partner institutions through Study Abroad Australia. The benefits of studying abroad are numerous. Study abroad will help you develop the skills needed to succeed in a global career.

University of Essex has an active volunteering club, and students are encouraged to participate in various projects in the Colchester area. Activities vary from mentoring young adults to participating in a film festival. In addition, the V-Team hosts various outdoor activities. There are clubs for all interests and hobbies. These clubs are particularly useful if you are interested in taking an interest outside of the classroom.

Students must plan their finances carefully. The cost of a study abroad program will vary depending on student spending habits, the exchange rate, and the duration of your stay. If you are a student who is planning on graduating within two semesters, you may want to consider applying for financial aid. The University of Essex offers guaranteed financial aid to eligible students who study abroad.

Southend-on-Sea is a resort town located in Essex, England. You can visit the town’s seafront to experience its many attractions, such as the Southend Pier, which is serviced by a mini train. You can also visit the Adventure Island amusement park, which features water slides, fairground rides, and a museum. The town is also home to the Cliff Lift, a century-old funicular. In addition, the town has the Sea Life Adventure aquarium, where you can see otters, turtles, and clownfish.

Sealife Adventure aquarium

Visitors to the Sealife Adventure aquarium at SouthendonSandwich will see sharks swimming in a walk-through tunnel tank, rays, turtles, and insect displays. The aquarium is a great way to learn about the fascinating world of aquatic life.

The aquarium houses a number of marine species, including pirahnas and seahorses. It also features a clownfish tank, marlins, and nemos. A separate soft play area allows children to experience the watery world without having to pay extra for the privilege.

The Aquarium has over 40 different displays showcasing sea life from around the world. This UK Zooquarium has talks and exhibits that are suitable for all ages. There are also experts who will talk about topics such as sharks and poisonous frogs. Visitors can even take part in an underwater dive.

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A visit to the Sea Life Adventure aquarium in Southend is a family activity and a great way to spend a day. The Aquarium is located near Burdett Road. Nearby attractions include the Kursaal, a Grade II listed building that opened as the world’s first amusement park in 1901. It’s also a great place to go on a school trip, as the facility is designed to be suitable for larger groups.

Historic sites

In Essex, you’ll find Southend-on-Sea, an old resort town. The town is home to Adventure Island, a water slide and fairground ride amusement park. There’s also the Cliff Lift, a century-old funicular. You can also find sea creatures like otters, turtles, and clownfish in the Sea Life Adventure aquarium.

The city center of Southend-on-Sea has evolved over the years to accommodate commercial and residential development. It was once home to the Talza Arcade, but has since been replaced by the Victoria Shopping Centre. In the past, Southend Technical College was located on the site of the ODEON Cinema and is now the campus of South Essex College. Today, the historic town receives over six million tourists each year. The city is also a major employer, including the headquarters of H.M. Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The headquarters of HMRC are located in Alexander House on Victoria Avenue.

There are a variety of historic sites throughout Southend. Many of them are free to visit. If you’re interested in local history, you can visit the Prittlewell Prince burial site, the Pier Museum, and Clifftown Telephone Museum. The Pier is one of the most iconic sites in Southend.

There are numerous recreation grounds throughout the town. Priory Park was the town’s first formal park. The town also boasts the Victory Sports Grounds and the Jones Corner Recreation Ground. In 1968, the Southchurch Conservation Area was established. It’s home to several historic sites, including the Southend Carnival, which dates back to 1906.

The former Shoebury Garrison houses sections of ancient ramparts. These ramparts were the defences of a prehistoric settlement. The main settlement period was during the middle Iron Age, from 300 to 100 BC. Excavations have also revealed round houses and other structures.

The town’s pier is a tourist attraction and serviced by a small train. Its shore end also features a museum. In addition, there’s the Adventure Island amusement park, which features water slides, fairground rides, and a century-old funicular. There’s also the Sea Life Adventure aquarium, where you can see otters, clownfish, and turtles.


Southend on Sea is located in the county of Essex and has seven miles of beautiful sandy beaches. Three of these beaches have blue flag status, and seven others have received quality coast awards. There are a lot of things to do in Southend, including going on a stroll along the beach or visiting the world-famous Rossi ice cream emporium. You can also try a swim at Chalkwell beach, which is popular with families and is home to a number of cafes and restaurants.

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The town is very accessible via rail, and the train runs along the entire seafront. You can reach the beach in about five minutes by train. You can also drive to the town and park your car, although you may need to pay for parking in some areas. The locals are generally friendly, and you can expect to feel comfortable in their company.

Many people visit Southend over the weekend, soaking up the sunshine. The seafront is full of visitors and daytrippers making the most of the heatwave. A lot of sunbathers have brought a cold drink to keep them cool. Health officials have warned that the predicted high temperatures could cause fatalities, but Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has urged people to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Southend’s seven miles of coastline offer something for everyone. From quiet secluded spots to wide expanses, there are plenty of places to spend your day. The town also boasts the world’s longest pleasure pier, which extends 2.158 metres (85 ft) into the Thames Estuary. Whether you’re looking for a romantic beach with your partner or a fun day out with the family, Southend has something for everyone.

Westcliff Beach is a great spot to go for a stroll on the beach. You can find lots of restaurants and cafes nearby. You can even hire an e-bike or ride your scooter on the beach.

Fishing village

Old Leigh is a charming fishing village in Essex, located thirty miles east of London. It is known locally as «The Old Town» and is full of interesting historical buildings. Originally a thriving port, Leigh became one of the busiest on the Thames during the 16th century. By the eighteenth century, the river channel had sunk, but the fishing industry continued to provide the village with its main income.

The town is home to the Southend Carnival, an annual event that started in 1906 as part of the regatta. Originally, the festival was intended to raise funds for the Southend Victoria Cottage Hospital, which was in need of a new location. In the 20th century, the carnival’s purpose changed to raise funds for a new General Hospital. The carnival used to consist of both torchlight and daylight parades, but the latter ended in the 1990s. At the seafront, the town has a fantastic beach hut-lined pedestrian promenade, which makes for a great place to spend an afternoon.

The town is home to two rugby union clubs: Southend RFC and Westcliff RFC. Both clubs compete in the London & South East Premier. In addition, the town was home to the Essex Pirates basketball team, which played in the British Basketball League between 2009 and 2011. Southend also has an active soccer team and is home to the Essex County Cricket Club. The city is also home to the London Southend Airport.

The town’s seabird colonies are one of the most important tourist attractions in the area. Visitors can take a swim in the sea and take in the sights of this old fishing village. A small museum has many interesting artifacts from the deep. During the summer months, the town’s local people earn their living by fishing, making it a great place to spend the day.

The village’s narrow streets were full of traditional homes and buildings. The harbour was a popular site for the royal family, and the town has retained its fishing heritage.

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