Is There a Train From Manchester Piccadilly to Essex UK?

Is There a Train From Manchester Piccadilly to Essex UK? photo 0

If you are planning a trip from Manchester Piccadilly Station to Essex, you can choose to take a train. There are several train services that run between the two locations. The journey takes about 4h 6m. You can choose from the Chiltern, TransPennine Express, and Avanti West Coast.

TransPennine Express

The TransPennine Express operates a train service from Manchester Piccadilly to Essex, UK. The train runs seven days a week and takes about six hours and thirty minutes to reach Essex. The journey is a total of 161 miles and involves two changes. The train has comfortable seating and plenty of luggage space.

The TransPennine Express serves many parts of the United Kingdom. It is owned by First Group and Keolis, and operates regular services in northern England and the west coast of England. The train operates on a franchise that is valid for eight years, with the option to extend it another five years.

TransPennine Express is planning major timetable changes in December 2022. It will switch between destinations and half the number of calls. In addition, it is also consulting on timetable changes between Manchester Piccadilly and Hull.

The TransPennine Express has recently received additional trains, including a Class 170. This type of train was previously used by Central Trains. During its tenure at Central, it was known as 170399. The company now uses the Keolis logo as the train’s logo.

The TransPennine Express has 12 daily trains from Manchester to Edinburgh. The trip from Manchester to Edinburgh takes approximately 3 hours and forty-nine minutes. It is easy to get to and from both cities using trains or buses. There are numerous bus companies that operate to and from Edinburgh.

Avanti West Coast

The Avanti West Coast train service operates in the United Kingdom. It is a member of the West Coast Partnership franchise, which is owned by FirstGroup and Trenitalia. There are 10 stations on the route and the journey takes approximately 135 minutes. There is an online timetable that shows the train’s schedule. If you’re planning to take the train, be sure to check the timetable beforehand to avoid missing your train.

There are 68 trains that run between Manchester Piccadilly and Essex every weekday. The journey usually takes 4h 6m and requires 1 change. The trains run at regular intervals, and you’ll probably get comfortable seats. The fastest services will take approximately 4 hours, 45 minutes, and 5 minutes, depending on which train you choose.

To keep track of the timetable, use the Trainline live train status tracker. This tool will display up to two hours of live arrival and departure information. It will let you know if your train is running late or is already delayed. This way, you can better manage your time and decide whether to take another route. Also, you can subscribe to alerts so that you’ll be notified if any delays occur.

Avanti West Coast operates the principal long-distance passenger services on the West Coast Main Line. These services link the six biggest cities in the UK. These include Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. You can take this train from Manchester Piccadilly to various destinations in the UK.

The train will stop at a number of destinations along the way. Along the way, you’ll pass through the towns of Alnmouth, Aviemore, Berwick-upon-Tweed, and Crowle. The train will also stop at Manchester Central, Manchester Picaderton, Tilbury Galton Bridge, and South Ruislip.

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When booking tickets, try to book them as early as possible. Purchasing tickets in advance can save you a significant amount of money. If you can, book them up to 12 weeks in advance. You can also benefit from flexible tickets, which allow you to travel at any time of the day. First-class tickets also come with additional perks, such as lounge access and wider seats.


CrossCountry operates on key inter-city routes outside London. Its services extend from the North East to the South West of the country, with a variety of regional express services. It does not operate its own train stations, but serves many of them with a franchise. For example, during the summer months, it runs trains to Newquay.

The train was packed on the outbound journey, with only a small number of standees available. It was also difficult to use the WiFi because it was limited to 70Mb per session. Seats on the train were very small and cramped. As a result, the train was almost standing room only as it passed through towns such as Stoke on Trent and Macclesfield.

The trip from Manchester Piccadilly to Essex Road is around 161 miles (259 km). Traveling by train takes about 6 hours and 31 minutes if you take the fastest services. There are six trains on this route, and you’ll need to change trains twice during your trip. The route is served by Thameslink, East Midlands Railway, and TransPennine Express. Depending on the service you choose, you’ll find plenty of space for your luggage.

If you’re planning to take a train from Manchester to Essex, it’s a good idea to know where you’re going. The Trainline live train status tracker will let you know when the train will arrive, as well as any delays. This way, you can manage your time better or decide to take another route. It also lets you set alerts so you’ll know as soon as the train is delayed.

Manchester Piccadilly station is one of the busiest railway stations in the UK. The station was refurbished in 2002, and a 2007 poll revealed that it has the highest satisfaction rate among all stations in the UK. According to the poll, 92% of Manchester Piccadilly station customers are satisfied with the service. This is far higher than the UK average of 60%. The station is slated to expand with new platforms, including two through platforms, as part of the Northern Hub and High Speed 2 proposals.

The CrossCountry train from Manchester Piccadily to Essex UK is one of the fastest ways to travel from Manchester to Essex. There are 52 services running daily, and you can choose between four different companies. The cheapest ticket costs EUR 24.


If you are looking for a train that will take you from Manchester Piccadilly to Essex Road, you’ve come to the right place. There are 52 trains running between the two cities every weekday. These trains take around 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete the journey.

The Chiltern trains operate frequent services in and out of Essex. These trains run to and from the city centre, and are available throughout the day. The Chiltern Railways also run services between London Marylebone and Aylesbury Vale Parkway. They also run services to and from Banbury, High Wycombe, Princes Risborough, and Birmingham Snow Hill. There are also heritage diesel shuttle services on May and August Bank Holiday weekends.

When traveling from Manchester to Essex, you will want to make sure that you check the train schedules. Some trains are more frequently than others. You can choose to take a local train or a regional train from Piccadilly. Some trains are more expensive than others, but they’re worth it.

The ‘levelling up’ agenda is a sham. In reality, the government’s policy is a way to degrade the railway and the people who use it. It also fuels unnecessary tensions between Britain’s nations. This is especially true when we consider that this train service connects Manchester Piccadilly with Essex.

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Alternatively, you can choose to use the TransPennine Express. This service was launched in late 1998 by Northern Spirit and later became a separate franchise. The service eventually absorbed First North Western routes, including the Manchester Airport to Blackpool service. The company is one of the few train operating companies in the United Kingdom that runs twenty-four hours a day. There are also night trains running between the two cities.

Food is a major part of a visit to Britain. There are a wide variety of foods, but there are many dishes that are considered quintessentially British. These include Sunday roast, Fish and chips, Steak and kidney pie, and Pie and mash.

Fish and chips

A classic British meal, fish and chips is a must-try while visiting the UK. They are truly delicious when they are cooked properly. But it is important to note that not every restaurant can serve great fish and chips. It is best to eat them in a proper chip shop.

Fish and chips was originally a cheap food that was popular among the working class in Britain. Today, over ten thousand establishments in Britain sell this dish. Despite the fact that many of these outlets are small and not upscale, you should try them if you’re in the UK.

While it might not be the most exciting dish to try, it’s one of the most iconic dishes of the UK. Aside from its traditional, fried fish, it is also considered to be a comfort food. The traditional version is served with fluffy chips. But the UK has a lot more to offer when it comes to food. You can also try the famous full English breakfast, a traditional British meal that includes bangers and mash. Another popular dish in the United Kingdom is the scotch egg.

The traditional batter for fish and chips is made of flour and water. You can also add vinegar or baking soda to the batter for lightness. Another great way to make the batter is to use beer instead of water. This gives the dish a lighter texture and a more orange-brown color. It is also possible to order side dishes, including pickled onions and mushy peas.

There are several places that serve the famous British dish. Among them is Poppie’s Fish and Chips Takeaway, located in the East End of London. This place is run by Pop Newland, who has been cooking fish and chips for over 60 years. The location is another reason why the fish is fresh, and the takeaway supports local fisheries.

Sunday roast

Sunday roast is a staple in British culture and has been enjoyed for generations. It is an incredibly hearty and filling meal, and the ingredients haven’t changed much over the years. It is a traditional Sunday meal and can be found in many restaurants and pubs.

The traditional Sunday roast is made up of different roasted meats and seasonal vegetables. It is a full-flavored meal and is often accompanied by Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes. A traditional Sunday roast is a favorite for many British families, and you’ll likely want to try it at least once while visiting the United Kingdom.

Besides the traditional roast, Sunday roasts are also served with a variety of side dishes. These may vary in region or season, but you can always expect to find roasted potatoes and gravy made from the roasting juices. The latter is often thickened by a roux or stock cubes. You can also find mashed or boiled vegetables along with the traditional roast.

There is a wide variety of British dishes, including Sunday roast. This traditional meal is served in many homes throughout the UK, and consists of roast beef, roasted potatoes, and various vegetables. Yorkshire pudding is also common, as is Toad-in-the-hole, a sausage that’s been dipped into a batter and served with gravy. Many of the British foods are also accompanied by beer, cider, and Pimms, a gin-based drink. Tea is also widely popular throughout the United Kingdom, and is considered the nation’s drink.

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Steak and kidney pie

Steak and kidney pie is one of the classic British dishes. This dish contains a delicious mixture of diced steak, chopped onion, and kidney, usually from pig or lamb. It is traditionally accompanied by mashed potatoes and green beans. Occasionally, mushrooms are added, and the pie is finished with a generous coating of gravy.

Steak and kidney pie is a staple of British cuisine, dating back to the 19th century. It is arguably the nation’s most popular dish. In fact, some locals consider this dish the national dish of England. Steak and kidney pie is especially popular in cities like Manchester and York, which are considered the pies capitals. Another traditional Scottish dish is haggis, a meaty dish traditionally served with mashed potatoes and root vegetables. Haggis is traditionally made with minced sheep’s offal, though synthetic casings are sometimes used.

Steak and kidney pie is one of the most famous dishes in the United Kingdom, but the country is full of other great dishes as well. You can even try vegetarian meals and authentic Indian cuisine while you’re there. The best British dishes are simple, savory, and comforting. They make cold weather bearable and summer picnics a delight.

Besides steak and kidney pie, steak and chips are a must-try when visiting the United Kingdom. In fact, fish and chips are so iconic in the country that British people will fight for the right to eat it. These tasty treats are easy to prepare at home and can be found at most pubs.

Pie and mash

Pie and mash is a classic British dish that originated in the Docklands in the East End of London. It is a hearty meal that combines minced meat in a pastry crust with creamy mashed potato. It is usually served with a parsley sauce.

This dish is a favorite among British people, and you can find it in many traditional pubs and restaurants. While better restaurants may substitute exotic bread for plain white bread, the traditional, homestyle version is best eaten in a pub. And don’t forget to drink tea! The British have a great love for tea.

Pie and mash are not only great for comfort food, but they also make a tasty meal. A traditional Scottish version, known as Cullen Skink, is a traditional dish that can be found in pubs and restaurants throughout the country. If you are visiting Scotland, be sure to try it. This hearty dish is accompanied by mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Another traditional meal that you can sample while you are visiting the United Kingdom is pie and mash. This dish is one of the easiest foods to make and is filling and satisfying. For the best version, don’t forget to add extra butter to it. However, you shouldn’t add it at the start of the meal. Let your diners add butter themselves if they wish. The mashed potatoes are loaded with calories, so you won’t want to skip it.

Another traditional British food that you should try is the full English breakfast. This meal is also known as a fry-up and is a popular dish in many pubs and restaurants throughout the United Kingdom. The ingredients for the savory pastry are eggs, milk, water, and flour. It is served with toast, and often comes with a pot of tea.

Eton mess

If you’re visiting the United Kingdom, you’ll want to try Eton mess, a sweet dish made from strawberries, whipped cream, and meringue. It’s often served at summer barbeques and was originally served during a cricket match at Eton College.

Although the dish may not look particularly impressive, it’s one of the most traditional desserts in England. It’s made from a combination of strawberries, a meringue crumble, and whipped cream. The result is a cloudy, creamy dessert that is a delight to eat. Eton mess originated in the county of Berkshire, which is west of London. The dish is famous throughout England.

It’s also a delicious, savory pastry. The traditional filling is meat, but nowadays you can find a wide variety of fillings. Even vegetarian pasties are available in some restaurants. This dish is popular among British tourists and is one of the best foods to try when visiting the United Kingdom.

Its preparation is also simple and quick, requiring just a few ingredients: strawberries and whipped cream. Because it’s so easy to prepare, it lends itself to last-minute preparation. It also keeps well in the refrigerator and is a delicious last-minute dessert.

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