What is the Worst Place to Live in Essex UK?

What is the Worst Place to Live in Essex UK? image 0

When it comes to living in the UK, the state of Essex is not as bad as the rest of the country. In fact, many people consider the region to be one of the safest places to live in the country. If you are considering moving to the area, consider some of the options available.


Southend-on-Sea is a large coastal town in southeastern Essex, UK. It is a unitary authority and borough, and is situated on the north bank of the Thames Estuary. It is about 40 miles from central London. It is bordered by Rochford and Castle Point. Despite its reputation as a seaside town, Southend has been named the worst place to live in Essex UK. The highest crime rate is recorded in Southend, where violent and sexual offences are common.

Drug crime is no stranger to Southend. In the 1990s, drug-dealing gangs dominated the area. One such gang, allegedly headed by Patrick Tate, was linked to the death of a young woman named Leah Betts, who died after taking an ecstasy tablet at her 18th birthday party. Tate and three other gang members were found dead in a parked Range Rover on a country lane. The press described the incident as a gangland execution.

While Southend-on-Sea is considered one of the worst places to live in Essex UK, there are plenty of other places in the county that are better. For example, Dedham Vale is home to two Michelin-starred restaurants, the famed Tiptree Tea Room, and the sixteenth-century Marlborough pub. And if you’re looking for a good place to invest, you’ll want to look at the many available properties in this town.

Despite the town’s reputation for being one of the worst places to live in Essex, it’s still one of the most desirable places in the UK. With its sandy beaches and proximity to the City of London, Leigh-on-Sea is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the UK.


A survey has revealed that Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, is the worst place to live in the UK. Its residents say that the town centre is lacking in shops, and that it’s scary to walk around alone at night. Another town, Luton, in Bedfordshire, was described as the worst place to live in England.

It has a reputation of being polluted, filthy, and full of idiots. However, the city’s residents are defended by YorkshireLive, who say that the people of Huddersfield are warm, friendly, and down to earth.

The survey also revealed that Huddersfield is the worst place to stay in the UK. It is home to the lowest life expectancy, a high unemployment rate, and chavs everywhere. It has been a poor area since the 1950s, and the local police do not want to know about serious crimes.

Despite these problems, the town is growing in popularity and the number of businesses is on the rise. Despite the poor economic climate, Huddersfield is still a popular choice for families. It is home to the United Kingdom’s largest university, which makes it a good place for a university education.


According to the latest crime statistics, Basildon is the worst place to live in the county of Essex in the UK. The town has the highest crime rate of any of the 315 towns in Essex. Basildon recorded 127 crimes per 1,000 residents in the year 2021. This is 36% higher than the average for Essex. It also ranks 305th in England.

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However, Basildon is also one of the greenest new towns in the country, with many green spaces including Bowers Marshes, Rushley Lakes and Westley Heights. In addition, the town is working to make public transport hubs ‘living stations’ for commuters. Meanwhile, the town centre is full of unused units and empty shops. The town is also becoming a ghost town as more businesses close down.

Fortunately, Basildon has some of the best transport connections in Essex. It has three stations on the c2c line, and Wickford is not far away on the Greater Anglia line. There are also Uber services available. Although some areas of Basildon are less convenient to access, the town offers great housing opportunities, high-end amenities and competitive house prices.

Basildon is best described as a commuter town. Its rapid growth makes it an attractive alternative to London for many. However, the population of the town is still growing and it is becoming increasingly expensive to live there. The town has even enveloped the town of Pitsea.

Saffron Walden

While Saffron Walden may not be the best place to live in Essex UK, it’s a good place to raise a family. The schools here regularly receive ‘outstanding’ ratings from Ofsted. It’s a town that is a mix of big and small business, with a rural feel.

The town is known for its traditional pubs and Saturday market. It’s also close to London, making it convenient for commuters to travel to the capital. The mayor said that the award was something to be proud of. Saffron Walden is one of the safest places to live in Essex UK.

The market town is tranquil during the day, dominated by affluent shoppers. However, at night, the streets transform into a **** heaven. The local *****, or Essex *****, think they’re the biggest gangsters in the country. If you’re an outsider, expect to get strange looks.

There’s a good reason that more people are looking to this area instead of London. The county’s affordability, proximity to London, and charm make it an ideal choice for many people. It’s important to research the area before making a final decision. If you’re considering moving to Essex, it’s best to get to know different towns and their unique features. A good local guide can help you with this.


Purfleet is not one of the worst places in the United Kingdom to live. Its main benefit is its proximity to London. It is a mere 30-minute train ride away. However, the cost of living is still eating away at people outside of the capital.

If you are considering moving to Essex, it’s important to consider the quality of life. The weather in Essex is among the best in the UK and the crime rate outside of the central areas of London is very low. It also boasts some of the best state schools in the country. And exam results are also high in the region.

Essex has an average crime rate of 81 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants. While the area is home to many large towns and urban centres, it also has some beautiful countryside. The most crime-prone areas in Essex include Basildon, Clacton-on-Sea, and Harlow. On the other hand, the most safe places to live in Essex are Billericay, Rayleigh, and Stanford-le-Hope.

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One notable place in Purfleet is the town of Carfax, which was featured in the horror movie Dracula. In the novel, Count Dracula is buying a house in Essex. This English solicitor, Johnathan Harker, then goes on to Castle Dracula in Transylvania to investigate. The house is a Medieval mansion set on a 20-acre estate, complete with a pond and an old chapel. The name comes from a quadruple face, although it could also refer to a crossroads.


Essex is a county in South East England, with many large towns, a vibrant nightlife and a picturesque countryside. Unfortunately, the area also has a higher crime rate than the national average, and it ranks in the top twenty worst places to live in the UK. Colchester is the third most dangerous place in Essex, and it ranks 26th overall. The city’s crime rate was 106 crimes per 1,000 people in 2021, which is 23% higher than the state-level rate. And while Colchester is not the worst place in Essex, it is still the worst place to live in the whole of Essex.

The city’s train stations are a boon for commuters, and there are direct trains to a number of locations in the county. However, the trains sometimes fail to run on time, and traffic congestion is a constant problem. Buses are another alternative to avoid driving, and many people prefer to take a bus to get around town than hail a cab.

Essex is full of historic relics, and is considered a commuter town by many. But the county is growing as people seek out a lower-priced alternative to London. The town has engulfed many nearby towns, including Pitsea.

If you are from an international country and planning to study in the UK, then you will be glad to know that the University of Essex is an excellent choice. This English-speaking university offers financial assistance to international students who want to study abroad. It also provides individualised student support to students who are looking for a work placement.

University of Essex is a good school for international students

The University of Essex is one of the best schools for international students in the UK. It is home to over 14,000 students, including many from outside the UK. Its student body is also very diverse — 132 nationalities are represented, making it one of the most multicultural universities in the UK. The university is recognized for its diverse facilities, and the Essex Student Union has won numerous awards for its dedication to serving the university’s international student community.

The University of Essex is a public research university located in the county of Essex. It has three campuses in Colchester, Southend, and Loughton. The Colchester campus is located near Wivenhoe Park, which was painted by John Constable. A large park area boasts a variety of plants, animals, and flora. One of the campus’ many attractions is Wivenhoe Park, which has a large community of rabbits. The campus is also home to a cinema and theatre.

The University of Essex offers many scholarships to international students. Many of these scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, and can be used towards an MA, M.Sc, LLM, or MRes degree. However, some scholarship applications may be rejected if the applicant is a citizen of other countries.

The University of Essex has produced some notable alumni and academics. Two Nobel laureates have earned their degrees at the University. This makes it one of only three non-Russell Group universities with Nobel laureates among its alumni. These include Oscar Arias, winner of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize, and Christopher Pissarides, winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize for Economics. Other notable alumni include Oliver Hart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics.

The University of Essex is an excellent choice for international students. While it may not have the most prestigious faculty and facilities, it offers an excellent student experience. The university is home to over 15,000 international students, including those from all over the world. You can get a feel for how many international students will be accepted by the University of Essex by checking its acceptance rate.

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Essex is also an incredibly diverse community, with students from more than 140 countries living on campus. As part of the Essex community, students are encouraged to study abroad and build international networks. This allows students to experience life in a new place and makes the University of Essex a truly global university.

It offers financial assistance to international students

The University of Essex offers a variety of financial assistance for international students, including scholarships. These scholarships are based on academic merit and can be used towards the cost of tuition at the University. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, postgraduate, LLM and MRes programs. The university has firm regulations about who is eligible for these funds.

The University of Essex provides various housing resources, including on-campus and off-campus housing. There are many different housing options available to students, including shared and private homes, purpose-built student housing, and single rooms. Each type of accommodation will have a deadline for applying, so check the Student Portal to determine which options are available to you.

If you wish to receive financial assistance from the University, you should apply for the award as soon as possible. Once you have submitted the application, you should receive an activation code that will give you the required access to the LSF website. The code will be valid for 72 hours, but if you fail to activate it, your account will be suspended. You will then need to select an academic year, and the University will assess your eligibility based on academic transcripts and certificates. Incorrect information will delay your application, so it’s important that you provide accurate information.

The University of Essex offers a variety of financial assistance options, including scholarships. You can apply for a grant to cover the cost of your tuition and accommodation. However, you must meet the specific eligibility requirements to receive financial assistance. The University of Essex offers a Masters Preparation Programme for post-graduate students, as well as a couple of programmes for secondary students. The aim of these courses is to prepare students for university life, including independent learning, critical thinking, and academic integrity.

Financial assistance is determined based on an analysis of your academic qualifications and your financial need. The application process will also take into account your available student aid resources. You can receive help from the University or from private sources, depending on your situation.

It offers individualised student support to all students seeking work placement

Work placements offer an excellent opportunity for students to apply their academic knowledge to a practical environment. These placements can also help them to identify potential careers in a particular sector or company. The University of Essex offers individualised support for students seeking work placements.

It offers residences

The University of Essex offers a variety of on-campus and off-campus student accommodation options. Students can choose between a furnished studio apartment or a shared room. Off-campus options offer a lower cost than on-campus options, and many of them come with all the necessary fees included. There are also short-term rental options for students, which make finding affordable housing near campus much easier for international students.

The University of Essex was once a centre of student upheaval in the 1960s, with a demonstration against Enoch Powell receiving national attention. Seven students were summoned to disciplinary hearings, but sit-ins and protests helped prevent the disciplinary hearings.

Residences for international students at the University of Essex include shared and private flats, with mixed-gender accommodation available. Single-occupancy rooms are also available. First-year UG students are guaranteed accommodation during their first year. The residences include modern facilities and amenities, including professional-grade studios and first-class gym facilities. Students can also enjoy cosy social spaces and communal study areas.

Students of the University of Essex can also participate in a range of sports. Students can join the University’s sport clubs, which feature high-performance facilities. The university also offers individual competitions and scholarships for high-performing students. In addition, the campus features a stunning castle that is a prized heritage landmark in England. There are interactive displays and exhibitions, and the surrounding park is filled with pristine, planted gardens.

The Maltings is a popular residence on campus for international students. It offers fully furnished studios and en-suite rooms with 100 Mbps Wi-Fi. It is close to the Essex University SU Bar, as well as the Mamma Mia restaurant. In addition to being close to campus, this residence offers a fully-equipped gym.

The Southend campus is a vibrant seaside town that offers state-of-the-art facilities and a close-knit international community. It provides a perfect setting for students to study and grow. Its seven-mile coastline is a beautiful backdrop for students and is home to over 650 acres of parks, gardens, and leisure centres.

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